Fox Channels Turkey

Viva Pescatore! - Promo

Fox International Channels Turkey called us to create the graphic package and promotional spot for Viva Pescatore! (Yaşasin Balik! in Turkish), a new segment in their channel 24Kitchen.

The essence of the segment lies on the ambiental care of the oceans and sustainable fishing, concepts that we aimed to translate into a more conceptual promo and a graphic language that exhibits the richness of oceanic flora and fauna.

Having the opportunity to make a beautiful work and at the same time communicating a message with environmental awareness made this project greatly satisfying.

VO Translation:
Some things cannot be replaced.
For a sustainable fishing...
Viva Pescatore!


At Vscolo
Executive Creative Director: Martin Schurmann
Executive Producer / Live Action Director: Fernando Szurman
DOP: Emiliano Cativa
Production Manager: Carlos Sueyro
Assistant Director: Andreina Alessio
Location Manager: Elvis Pereyra
Art Director: Vernica Geraige
Food Stylist: Natacha Peskins
Gaffer: Dani Hermo
Grip: Juan Alejo Fernandez
Animation Director: Ernesto Reyna
Art Director: Florencia Tasso

At Fox Networks Group Turkey:
Executive Creative Director : mer Meral
Creative Manager : Mine Usluer
Senior Producer: Korgn zfiliz
Motion Graphics Manager : Evren Halbuni
Production Manager: Perran Yalın Yavru
Sound Design: Erkut Grmez

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