Sony SAB

Complete Network Branding

After winning the Pitching phase, Sony SAB became one of the most defying projects we've accomplished on 2016: producing a whole Rebrand in only 4 weeks.

The concept originates in typical Indian cloths, whose threads weave an entire culture, connecting and bringing people closer on an unique interaction.

We are really happy to have developed a powerful visual scheme that brings
a new look to one of the main Indian signals.


At Vscolo
Executive Creative Director: Martin Schurmann
Animation Director: Ernesto Reyna
Art Director: Florencia Tasso
Branding Advisor: Natalia Espaol
Design: Florencia Tasso, Rafael Fornaris, Micaela Podrzaj, Lionel Wainsztok
Animation: Ernesto Reyna, Lionel Wainsztok, Fernando La Mattina, Ulises Depaoli, Julian Glumi
Shadding, Lighting & Rendering: Lionel Wainsztok, Rafael Fornaris
Compositing & Postproduction: Ernesto Reyna, Lionel Wainsztok, Ulises Depaoli, Rafael Fornaris, Fernando La Mattina
Producer: Natalia Giuliano

At Sony SAB
Art Director: Sreejesh Krishnan
Producer: Mansha Bhutani

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