E! Entertainment Latam

E! Special

We got dressed up for an exclusive occasion together with the folks at E! Entertainment Latin America to collaborate in the development of the Program Package for one of their main shows: E! Special, a magazine about celebrities from around the world.

This time we played with the idea of uniqueness, elegance and singularity from an abstract perspective. Several subjects surround an extraordinary character wich attracts them.

We had total freedom trough all the creative process, from early concepts to visual development. We are very happy to share this work and hope you enjoy it!


At Vscolo
Executive Creative Director: Martin Schurmann
Animation Director: Ernesto Reyna
Art Director: Florencia Tasso
Design: Florencia Tasso, Micaela Podrzaj, Romina Giarrizo
Animation: Ernesto Reyna, Lionel Wainsztok, Vicente Ziegler
Shadding, Lighting & Rendering: Lionel Wainsztok
Compositing & Postproduction: Ernesto Reyna, Vicente Ziegler
Producer: Natalia Giuliano

At E! Networks Latam
Art Director: Nstor Carvajal
Executive Director: Daniella Pino

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