Fox Channels Latinamerica

Moviecity Promotoolkits

Fox Latin America chose us to develop 5 special toolkits to promote content
inside and outside Moviecity channels.

A brief overview of each package:
Umbrella: Generic promo toolkit and Lineup.
Freepass: promoting free access for non Moviecity clients.
Imperdible (Breakthrough weekend): must see films weekend.
Detrás de cámaras: Behind the Scenes regarding movies to be played in Moviecity channels.
Fest: Promotes award winning films at international festivals.


Executive Creative Director: Martin Schurmann
Animation Director: Ernesto Reyna
Design: Florencia Tasso, Micaela Podrzaj, Romina Giarrizo, Paula Vidal, Lucas Casagrande
Animation: Ernesto Reyna, Justin Gundlock, David Mir, Lucas Casagrande, Mariano Aponte
Producer: Natalia Giuliano

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