Universidad 3 de Febrero

UN3 Branding

In early 2013, thanks to the new Audiovisual Communication Services Law of Argentina that promotes media diversity, Universidad Nacional de Tres de Febrero began developing UN3 confirmar con UN3, a new TV channel, and choose us to carry out its branding.

The project was broad and challenging as the spirit of the channel was not yet defined. Meeting after meeting, we helped building the graphic and conceptual base, slowly turning it into what it is today: a young, disruptive and innovative broadcast signal.

This is how we developed a crude but colorful branding, where noise, error, abrupt cuts, large-scale typography and clear information are the main resources of this huge project divided into three promotional packages (40 pieces each) and one navigation package.

We invite you to visit this new channel that demonstrates the ability and quality of production of Argentine original content. We hope you enjoy this full color tango!


Executive Creative Director:
Martin Schurmann

Animation Director:
Ernesto Reyna

Florencia Tasso, Nicols Castro, Paula Vidal

Ernesto Reyna, Pablo Fanesi, David Mir

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