France Ô

ÔÔÔÔÔ Segment Package

After the pitch instance, France Ô chose Vascolo’s idea and visual proposal to develop the identity for their children´s segment oriented to kids aged 7-12 years.

The original idea was to make each "Ô" as a different world. The opening is a journey through this universe where you can find adventure, sports, music, urban and technologic planets.

We focused on developing a unique style mixing 3D, 2D and frame by frame animation to reach a funny and teenage-looking aesthetic, aiming to refresh the main children´s segment of the channel.

We hope that french kids enjoy the new identity as much as we did while working on it!


Executive Creative Director:
Martin Schurmann

Animation Director:
Ernesto Reyna

3D modelling and Design:
Nicolás Castro, Florencia Tasso

3D animation:
Ernesto Reyna, Jorge Herrero, Andrés Molteno, Matías Furno, David Mir

Cel animation:
Andrés Molteno

Ernesto Reyna, Jorge Herrero

Natalia Giuliano, Roland Toupet

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