Reel Intro 2013

This intro is special to us because we started sketching it quite some time ago, in January 2013.

The original idea was that a tea bag goes into a cup of water and tints it.
With the sketch done, we realized that the design idea worked perfectly.

The main problem was, how we were going to animate it. We tried Realflow, masks in after and nothing worked, Then we decided to do it frame by frame. Considering the animation test, the animatic, and the final animation, it took about three months approximately to be as we imagined.

We hope you enjoy this intro, and we’re also sharing the animatic, so you can play it once and again and again ... and again. regards


Design: Nicolás Castro
Animation: Andrés Molteno
Audio FX: Rayuela Sonido
General Direction: Martin Schurmann

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