Mtv - Coca Cola

Razones para Creer

Mtv networks invited us to be a part of Coca-Colas 125th Anniversary campaign "Reasons to be happy". 30 selected studios were summoned to develop, with absolute freedom, the idea and production of one short film, of about 10 to 30 seconds, featuring one of these reasons. We chose a topic of constant interest to us: the idea that "renewable energies will supersede non-renewable energy resources".


At Vscolo:
General Direction: Leonor Barreiro, Martn Schurmann
Design: Leonor Barreiro, Lucila Biscione, Florencia Merlo
Animation and composition: Martn Schurmann, Ernesto Reyna
Illustrations: Lucila Biscione
3D tree modeling and animation: Javier Tommasi

At MTV Networks Latin America:
Creative VP: Sean Saylor
Creative Director: Hernn Damilano
Creative coordinator: Maria Luisa Collazo
Producer: Emanuel Correa Soto, Maria Luisa Collazo
Music Producer / Original Music: Marco Camacho /

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