Mix Comunicaciones

Más sangre, más vida

Mix Comunicaciones contacted us to develop the official spot for the World Blood Donor Day. The big challenge of the project was the term for delivery, which had to be reduced by half: in just two weeks we developed the frame-by-frame animation, the stop-motion takes and the audio. One of the strategic decisions that was made was choosing the hand to show: we chose a female hand to express the sensibility the piece needed.

In spite of the short time of development we are very happy with the result, knowing that we made our small contribution to raise awareness regarding blood donation in a country that, as of yet, doesn't practice it much.


At Váscolo:
General Director: Martín Schurmann
Animation Director: Ernesto Reyna
Illustrations and cel animation: Monica Gallab

At Mix Comunicaciones:
Creative Director: Julián Carrera
Art Director: Neneco
Producer: Cecilia Forti

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