Respekt Magazine

The Slovak agency JANDL contacted us to make a 20 second spot for Respekt, a news and opinion magazine from Czech Republic. Essentially, the theme of the spot is that this magazine provides a full perspective of reality, whereas the rest of the magazines only show an incomplete version that diverges dramatically from the true story published in Respekt.

A little translation of the spot:
1- Putin a rusk tanky v Berlně:
Putin and the Russian tanks in Berlin.

2- Putin a Merkelov sledovali rusk tanky na vojensk přehldce v Berlne:
Putin and Merkel watched Russian tanks at the military parade in Berlin.

3- Nrodn divadlo konč:
Czech National theatre close.

4- Nrodn divadlo konč leton seznu spěchem:
National theatre close the season with success.

5- Mějte jasno:
Be clear.


At Vscolo
General Director: Martin Schurmann
Animation Director: Ernesto Reyna
Graphic Design: Florencia Merlo
Animation: Matias D'Alessandro
Production: Ivana Gorosito

Creative Director: Pavel Fuksa
Art Director: Lucia Cermakova
Copywriter: Samo Marec
Agency producer: Andrea Bibenova

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