Canal Encuentro

Anuario 2011

The channel Encuentro, through El Patio Producciones, convoked us to develop the graphical package for the program "Anuario Encuentro" (Encuentro Yearbook). Our task was to join in one graphical system the four categories in which the episodes were going to be divided: sports, culture, national news and international news. We developed the design and the animation in modules, generating a graphical universe for each topic, and we put them together for the opening generating a piece full of colors and small details to watch over and over again.


At Vscolo
General direction: Martin Schurmann
Animation: Ernesto Reyna, Martin Schurmann
Design & Ilustration: Florencia Merlo
Original Music: Rayuela Sonido

At El Patio Producciones
Creative Director: Carolina Scaglione, Tali Jeifetz

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