Fox Sports Japan

Soccer Center

Fox Sports recently arrived to Japan, and the channel asked us to create a graphic package for Soccer Center, the show that broadcasts European soccer in the country of the rising sun.
The request was very specific: they wanted a system that was colorful, but at the same time with a tribal and organic touch. The package includes the show opening, a 5 and a 3 second close, a loopeable logo and loopeable wallpapers.
We were delighted to work on our Japanese friends' request, and also to finally work on a project of this sport we love so much!


At Vscolo:
Executive Creative Director:
Martin Schurmann

Animation Director:
Ernesto Reyna

Graphic Style Sketches:
Nicols Castro, Romina Giarrizo, Nat Filippini

Nicols Castro, Romina Giarrizzo

3D Animation:
Ernesto Reyna, Matias Petroli

Ernesto Reyna, Matias Petroli

Production: Ivana Gorosito

At Fox Sports Japan:
Creative Director: Jane Prior

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