National Geographic Channel


Fox Italy relied on us again for this interesting and complex project for NatGeo Channel. The project consisted of gathering in one single segment shows about ancient architecture, modern architecture, architectural and space mysteries, religion and the Second World War.

We must admit that we had lots of fun with this project, we created animations for all the elements, the explosions and the fluids of the several pieces that compose the system.


PromaxBDA Global Excellence Awards 2013 - Gold Award
Category: Design & Art Direction: PROGRAM BUMPER

At Vscolo
General Director: Martin Schurmann
Animation Director: Ernesto Reyna
Graphic Design: Santiago Zoraidez
3D Modelling and Animation: Sebastian Curi
Production: Ivana Gorosito

At Fox Channels Italy
Art Director: Mauro Zinni
Graphic Design: Alessandra Nicolosi
Music and Sound design: Stefano Maccarelli

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